Vision of Distant Star

When you arrive at Distant Star Retreat, we want you to feel the peace and calmness here.The beauty of nature will surround you and encompass you with a feeling of contentment. As you are introduced to the beautiful horses, donkeys, goats and menagerie of animals you will feel the unconditional love they are so willing to give, and the pressures of everyday life will be left behind.

Our purpose along with the help of our four legged professors is to open a door for you, re-establish trust through a relationship with the right animal, help you gain confidence, self-esteem,release anxiety or simply to have a "day off" from the pressures of everyday life. There is no judging, no expectations, or pressure to do anything you are not ready for.

Our goal is for you to have a positive experience with the animals help and go away with a feeling of hope and renewal.

Sandra Lee Tillier

Distant Star was founded to honor the memory of a beautiful woman, Sandra Tillier. She had a love and respect for all creatures and a heart of gold, with a soul that was kind beyond words. She was loved by all who knew her.

Sandra, was in the process of selecting top notch Broodmares and finding Stallions to compliment them and produce high quality offspring for the  Dressage and Jumping World.Her life was cut short far too soon, and it is our committment to see this Dream  realized, and also turn the farm into a place where people can come and feel comfort and healing interacting with the animals, and find peace and contentment that is so craved in today's world.